Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution



Just like child laborers of the Industrial Revolution, you too will work hard and long on your job. However, instead of physical labor, you will use brain power to complete this task! Follow these steps to complete your quest... 

Step 1: First, divide up the work! Each person in the group should have already been assigned a role. Your choices are: 
  • Factory Worker
  • Miner
  • Seafood Worker/Farm Hand 
  • Newsboy

Step 2: Next, each person will spend time going to their individual role pages listed to the left to gather research for their assigned role. When you begin your research, make sure you download your Role Research Sheet. You will use this research sheet and write down your answers in your ISN on page 11.

Step 3: When you have finished your research and have a clear picture of the type of work the child had 
to endure during the Industrial Revolution, create a Sensory Figure of the child laborer. This Sensory Figure should capture the child's senses as they completed their job. Complete your Sensory Figure on page 10 in your ISN.
  • Head = "I think..."
  • Eyes = "I see..."
  • Ears = "I hear..."
  • Mouth = "I say..."
  • Nose = "I smell..."
  • Heart = "I feel..."
  • Hands = "I touch..."
  • Feet = "I (an action)..."

Step 4: Once all of your group members have completed their research and Sensory Figures, you will meet to discuss your findings. Which role do you think had it the worst? Important! You need to listen to each other and give everyone a chance to talk about their role. Hear each role and thoroughly discuss the pros and cons to each profession before making a decision. If you disagree with each other, calmly discuss your side with your team mates. If you canít come to a decision, take a voteÖmajority rules! 

When you are finished discussing, download and answer the questions on the Group Project Sheet and upload it to my website on this week's agenda. Make sure all group members' names are on the sheet and itís completely filled out. Donít leave any blanks! 

Step 5: Download and complete your Final ReflectionThis part should be done individually and should 
not match your other group members' answers. Please note, answers of "I don't know" are unacceptable. You must think hard and answer all parts of this task for credit. 

Upload the Final Reflection to my website on this week's agenda when you are finished.

In order to answer the reflection questions, visit the following websites in order to learn more about Child Labor in today's world:

Step 6: Don't forget to turn in all of your completed work for this WebQuest! Refer to the Evaluation page to see how you will be graded. Your packet should include:
  • Role Research Sheet (ISN)
  • Sensory Figure (ISN)
  • Group Project Sheet (Upload)
  • Final Reflection (Upload)


  • Final Reflection
    Description: Download this to complete your final reflection questions individually.

  • Role Research Sheet
    Description: Download this to complete the individual research on your role, as well as your Sensory Figure

  • Group Project Sheet
    Description: Download this for your group to decide and record which child laborer job was the worse and why.

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