Child Labor During The Industrial Revolution



Follow the directions as noted in the "Task" and “Process” section of this WebQuest. You will be assessed based upon the following guidelines: 

Individual Portion of the Project …Point Value=75 pts 

25 pts…Role Research Sheet
- Contains information that fully answers all points in the task =25 pts 
-Contains partial information, is inaccurate, leaves some blanks =15 pts 
-Barely completed research =5 pts 
-Doesn’t answer the task or is incorrect =0 pts 

25 pts...Sensory Figure
- Complete, colorful illustration with all eight senses accurately portrayed = 25 pts
- Some information inaccurate, missing senses, and/or not creative and colorful = 15 pts
- Most information inaccurate, incomplete drawing, no color or creativity = 0 pts

25 pts…Final Reflection
-Thoroughly answers all questions posed =25 pts 
-Answers some parts, but not completely =15 pts 
-Fails to answer questions, leaves blanks =0 pts 

Group Portion of the Project…Point Value=25 pts 

25 pts…Industrial Revolution Group Sheet
-Is neatly and completely filled out, leaving no blanks=25 pts 
-Is missing information, sloppy=15 pts 
-Is sloppy, blank, or missing from final packet=0 pts 

Please Note: Late projects will lose points for each day late! Please see me if you have any questions! 

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