(Task 1) Take the Pre-Test to see how much you already know about the environment.

(Task 2) View this link then list important facts about Bermuda's weather, population and any other facts:javascript:nicTemp();

(Task 3) Check out the following websites to see when and why Portuguese and West Indians came to Bermuda:

www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~bmuwgw/portugues.htm (Portuguese)
www.bermuda-attractions.com/bermuda2_000045.htm (West Indians)

(Task 4) View video clip of Jamaican Grill and list the different types of foods.

              View video clip on Portuguese Festival and list what you see and hear.

(Task 5) View this link: javascript:nicTemp(); to find out what plants are endemic in Bermuda. Pick 2 plants to speak on and for each plant create a poster featuring the following items:
  1. Picture
  2. Plants common name and real name
  3. 2 interesting facts about the plant

(Task 6) View this link to find out about Bermuda's natural resources and discuss how these resources help us: javascript:nicTemp();

(Task 7) After viewing the YouTube video clips: Bermuda Beach Trash and Hurricane Igor Giant Waves, students will list the negative affects of pollution and hurricanes on our environment. Students will make a list of how we can make positives choices for our environment:

(Task 8) Students will randomly pick before hand 1 of the vocabulary words and create a poster providing the following information about their new vocabulary word: Definition, draw a picture and write a sentence. Students may use the PowerPoint attached as a resource to get the definitions for the words listed.

  1. coral reefs
  2. ecosystem
  3. gulf-stream
  4. hurricane
  5. magma
  6. Mid Atlantic Ridge
  7. physical maps
  8. sub-tropical
  9. thematic maps
  10. tropical
  11. volcano 


Hurricane Igor Giant Waves Video -Elbow Beach, Bermuda
Jamaican Grill Give Shout Out #1 Caribbean Restaurant in Bermuda
Bermuda Beach Trash

Portuguese Festival in Bermuda

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