Order of Operations



1. What is the order of operations?

Obtain a copy of the "Order of Operations" hand-out from your teacher.

Go to Order of Operations - PEMDAS and answer questions 1-4 on yourWebQuest handout.

Play the Matching Game, assess how you didand circle your response on your WebQuest handout (#5). If you feel you needmore practice, try playing the Matching Game again or read the lesson Order of Operations With Exponents andtry the five problems after the tutorial.

2.What are some memory devices used to remember the order of operations?

Go to Wikipedia's definition of Order of Operations andscroll down to the Acronyms and More examples sections. Answer questions 6-7 onyour WebQuest handout. View the illustrated mnemonics Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally and Panda Express Makes Delicious Avocado Soup. Create your own mnemonic andillustrate it using Microsoft Word. Fill in #8 on your WebQuest handout.

3.Find the error.

With a partner, take theonline Order of Operations Quiz. Answer questions 9 and 10 on your WebQuest handout.

Youand your partner will create a small PowerPoint slideshow. The answers to each problem are NOT correct. You will need toidentify the error that was made, find the correct answer, and explain how toevaluate the problem. You will present your slideshow to the class. Check tomake sure you have met all the requirements for your slideshow by filling inquestion 17 on your WebQuest handout.


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