Order of Operations



You completed the Order of Operations WebQuest! Not only did you learn the correct order of operations, you also created a mnemonic to help you remember them.

During this WebQuest, you were not asked to evaluate any problems with integers, but if you would like an extra challenge, try a few of the games that will help you with your order of operation skills!

Here are a few games that you may like...

The Language of Algebra Game(with introduction preview) - http://www.math.com/school/subject2/practice/S2U1L2/S2U1L2Pract.html

The Order of Operations Millinaire Game - http://www.math-play.com/Order-of-Operations-Millionaire/order-of-operations-millionaire.html

FunBrain Game - http://www.funbrain.com/cgi-bin/alg.cgi

Arithmitic Game - http://www.mathplayground.com/order_of_operations.html

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