Why ....oh...why are my cookies so dense?



Well, if you have ever wondered what happens to your cookies in the oven, now is your chance to find out!  First we need to learn a little science.  You will investigate web-sites to find out how matter changes.  You remember what matter is, right?  If not, click on the Matter site below and it will tell you all about it.  While you are there take the quiz at the bottom of the page on the right.  Click on the quiz and try it out! 

Now that you remember what matter is, let's see what you can find out about the properties of matter.  Matter can not be created or destroyed; it can only be changed.  You are about to find out how matter can be changed.  Look at the web-site provided: What is the difference in chemical and physical changes. 

Now that you understand what matter is and how it can change, check out just how it changes.  Look at the video, relate to a phase change.  Once you have seen the video draw a phase change diagram using microsoft word applying draw.  Include the labels and a brief explanation as to what is happening in the diagram.  Then in a short two point response, explain how the cookie dough relates to the diagram while it is baking. 

Create a t-chart that will compare chemical and physical changes while preparing the cookie dough and another for the process of baking.  Create this on your word document. 

When you have selected your recipe copy and paste it to your word document that you will print and e-mail to your instructor.  Use the web-site provided. 

Bake your cookies!  Evaluate cookies using the evaluative tool provided that you have already printed.

Finally once cookies have been baked and evaluated, write a two point response that explains your understanding of the baking process as it relates to ingredients and properties of matter during a phase change.  You may go back to the web sites provided for hints and detailed information to do this.  Submit this through a word document either printed or e-mailed to your instructor.

You are almost done! The time line is required and can be done using microsoft word. Use the website provided to complete this.  Submit this through printed material or e-mail.

There is a game that you can play to burn off some of your calories or just relieve your stress from the whole quest!  Click on the game page.   It's called cookie monster!  Go play!  Don't forget your cookies!



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Web Link
  • Time line site!
    Description: This is the place to figure out when cookies were "invented"

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  • matter
    Description: Have you forgotten what matter is? If you have check this out!

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