The Scrooge for Mayor Campaign




Current Situation Research Analyst: (two)
Scrooge is counting on your ability to uncover information and tell it like it is. You must focus on the current (1840's) situation of your topic. Check both internet and library resources to find information about life in London in the 1840's. Specifically London because that is where Scrooge will launch his campaign. It is a known fact that political candidates are judged by their knowledge of current issues and events. You must make both Scrooge and your teammates well-informed on your issue. As you take notes, make sure you are a responsible researcher and keep track of your resources.

Public Relations: Rationale for Change: (two)
Scrooge is counting on your ability to persuade people and compel them to change. You must focus on the rationale for change in your topic area. You will need to keep in continual communication with your teammates as you look for ways to compel the people of London to support your reform plan. Focus on the conditions in A Christmas Carol as they relate to your issue of study. Politicians need to make their policies personal by telling stories or attaching a face to the issue. You have the critical role of finding these compelling stories. Once you have exhausted the novel as a resource, you may want to find other personal anecdotes which can be used in your campaign. As you take notes, be a responsible researcher and keep track of your resources.

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