Discover the Aztec Marketplace



Session One:
Step 1: View a map of Mesoamerica and locate the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.

Session Two:
Step 2: Research the lives of the Aztec people and the different types of goods used they used, consumed, grew and created.  You can do this by following the links provided below.
Step 3: Choose whether you will become a farmer, merchant, or trader.
Step 4: Once you choose your profession, you will then choose the product that you will take to the market.  

Session Three:
Step 5: Create an advertisement for your product.  This advertisement will be used to attract others to your product.

Session Four:
Step 6: Now that you have chosen your product, use the trade route map to locate the route you will use to get your product to the marketplace.  What will you need to transport your product?

Session Five:
Step 7: You will now travel to the marketplace to sell or barter your product.  

 Resource Key:

1-3 Maps
4-9 Aztec life
10-12 Products
13-16 Marketplace

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