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The trip to ancient linguistics

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Process Process

step 1. (2 weeks)

Devide into 4 groups:

Group 1 analyzes the information about indian linguistics
Group 2 analyzes the information about greek linguistics
Group 3 analyzes the information about romanian linguistics
Group 4 analyzes the information about arabian linguistics

After that you should present your information in PowerPoint presentations. Your presentations should include:
 1) the information about civilizations
2) the information about the development of civilizations
3) the information about the names who began studies of linguistics
4) the information about the achievements of linguistic studies at that period of time

Step 2: (1 week)

Analyze the information presented on youtube video (part - Introduction and Task) and be ready to have brainstorming discussion devoted to the birth of language studies

Step 3 (2 weeks)

You should write a coolective paper for a scientific journal of linguistics devoted to the influence of ancient linguistics on it's further development.

Your paper should be for no less than 5-7 pages
You should write an annotation for 1 passage
You should suggest your article to the students of other groups to evaluate your article using the  poll presented on the page Evaluation.
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