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The trip to ancient linguistics

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Evaluation Evaluation

here you can see the table with different kinds of your job's evaluation.
Evaluation Rubric

  Beginning Developing Very good Examplary Score

To carry out independent research on the computer Can access links to find out information. Can access links and browse through subsequent pages from those links Can access all the links and find out relevant information relating to the task. Can access all the links and scan the information to extract key points. 10

Ability to participate in discussions Struggles to contribute to group discussions Beginning to listen to others and can put own ideas forward Is willing to share ideas and respects others opinions Holds leadership in discussions and is able to keep purposeful discussion flowing. 10

Power Point Includes less than 10 slides with very little information and graphics. Very little appeal to audiences. Includes 10 slides with information and few grapics. Little appeal to audience. Includes 15 slides with some information and some graphics. Somewhat appealing to audience. Includes 20 slides with information and graphics. Very appealing to audience 20

An article for a scientific journal The article is not completed and contains a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. it is not well structured. The article as not very informative but contains less grammar errors The article is rather informative and contains no more than 5 grammar errors. the article is logically structured and contains no more than 1 -2 grammar errors. 10

Total Score:
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