1Q: Zombie Apocalypse-Survival Plan


When deciding on a LOCATION for your STRONGHOLD Physical Geography is just ONE aspect to think about.  Something else to consider would be RESOURCES needed to survive.  There are things that humans need in general, but there may be things that they need specifically for the catastrophe that is happening around them with the zombie apocalypse. 

Think about the natural resources you have studied this year.  What natural resources would you want to have during a zombie apocalypse?

Your group should CREATE a poster showing the resources you would most want and how you would use them to survive.

PART 1: DISCUSS the following with your group

1: List the natural resources that your group would want.

2: How would you use each of these resources?

3: What kind of location might have all of these resources? (Use this site to figure out locations of resources)  You may also do a GOOGLE search for resources you may not find on the maps provided.

4: Would this change your mind about where to set up a STRONGHOLD during the zombie apocalypse?

PART 2: CREATE your poster.  Your poster must have:


-LARGE EXAMPLES of the resources your group would want (illustrations are great but not required)

-Explanations of how you'd use each of these resources

-What would be the best location (in the world?  in the U.S.?) to find most of these?

-SNAP SHOT your poster when you are finished and add it to your ZOMBIE FOLDER on GOOGLE DRIVE. Name the file RESOURCE1   Set it to SHARE with the people in your group and they will be able to easily add it to their ZOMBIE FOLDER.

Groups will walk around and make observations and comments about your poster's information and your resource plan for the zombie apocalypse. 

-SNAP SHOT your poster AFTER THE GALLERY WALk and add it to your ZOMBIE FOLDER on GOOGLE DRIVEName the file RESOURCE2.    Add it to the ZOMBIE FOLDER.

PART 4: REFLECTION  (HOMEWORK if not finished in class)
Think about the following: 

1-Are there any changes that might be needed based on what you learned from other group posters?

2-Are there any changes that might be needed based on information given about your poster?

3-Discuss with your group how your ZONE 3 STRONGHOLD will or will not provide these resources and the impact that would have on survival.

4-Create a FINAL DIGITAL POSTER  on easel.ly (Each PERSON) from your group's poster based on the changes needed after REFLECTION. 

SAVE your poster when you are finished and add it to your ZOMBIE FOLDER on GOOGLE DRIVEName the file RESOURCE3.    Add it to the ZOMBIE FOLDER.

Part 5: Log in to KID BLOG and create a blog entry , REFLECTING on what you learned from this MODULE.  Which of the FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY did you use during this part of the ZOMBIE OUTBREAK?  Why would they be useful?

****At the end of this section you should have NINE files in your ZOMBIE FOLDER:  RESOURCE1RESOURCE2, RESOURCE3, ZDAY3, ZMAP3, ZMAP2, ZDAY2ZMAP1, and ZDAY1


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