Photo Composition Techniques



Everyone can take a picture, but what differentiates a great photograph from a snap shot?  Why are some photographs better than others?  What techniques do professional photographers and artists used to improve the story they are telling with their shot? Can you identify these techniques within a photo? Can you translate your knowledge into some great photographs?  Ultimately, do you know how to critique photographs to develop a high quality photography museum?

You have been asked to serve as the curator of photography for new online photography “museum”.   Your boss wants you to select quality images by up and coming new photographers to display at the opening exhibit.  The problem is this really isn’t your field, but it is a great opportunity, so you set off on a journey to learn what makes a good photograph and realize it starts with photo composition.

Page Images gathered from:  amazon.com, shutterskills.com, trybpo.com, reasontostand.org, learningandteaching.dab.ca, ted.coe.waye.edu
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