Photo Composition Techniques



Students will work in groups to investigate, define and find samples online of ten photographic composition techniques, and then organize their findings on a wiki page.  Using what they have learned, each student will take two photographs utilizing each technique (20 shots total).  These images will be posted, labeled and described on another wiki page, under the individualís name creating a Photo Composition Online Journal.  Each student will then select their favorite shots from their personal page, to be critiqued by the class. The best images will be selected for display in the Online Photography Exhibit and the high schoolís website.

ROLES:  Each student must contribute to all aspects of the group project components, but ultimate responsibility will be broken into the following areas:

Wiki Manager   This person is responsible for how the content is displayed on the group wiki.  Is there a consistent look throughout the page?  Are they neat and easy to read?

Copy (Writing) Manager    This person is responsible for ensuring all writing components are of high quality with proper grammar and spelling on the group wiki.

Photography Manager   This person will ensure that there are two photographs for each technique on the group wiki and that they meet the requirements. 

Citation Manager   You need to cite your sources!  This person will be responsible for ensuring all your resources are gathered throughout the project and cited on your wiki.

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