In the community of Ackee-walk the residence  pollute the environment which can result in serious consequences for humans, animals and plants they dump garbage in the gullies and on the roadside, they  burn garbage, they pollute the seas and rivers with solid waste or detergents which starve the fishes and plants of oxygen,  the residence also contribute to  also  Noise Pollution which disturbs the  peace and tranquility of others. Thus the environmental committee  was informed about this problem  they will go into the community to educate the residence on Pollution, the committee will therefore help the residence to identify the  different types of pollution,  the consequences of pollution on the environment and  finally the solutions to Pollution. through this campaign the residence will become educated on the the serious health consequences pollution can have they will also be aware that if Pollution continues there can be a outbreak in diseases which can result in death. the  committee will help residence to alleviate or stop the monster called Pollution.

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