Weath R. Ing and E. Rosion



     Imagine you live on the edge of a beautiful mountain right next to a rushing river. You have lived here your whole life, and all the people in your village enjoy the river and the windy climate. But there's a problem...

     Two forces worked to make your home such a wonderful place with a huge river and beautifully carved cliff on your mountain by wearing away the edges of the mountain to make room for the water to flow, but they just won't stop working now. And these forces are starting to wash more and more off the edge of your mountain cliff, threatening to destroy your homes! And all the while, your friends who live on the beach are dealing with a similar problem: these two forces are washing away the sand that they have built their homes on! 
     Who are these two forces? They are weathering and erosion, commonly called Weath R. Ing and E. Rosion. Your town needs someone to come up with a way to stop them, to learn their strengthts and weaknesses in order to protect the village from them. And they have chosen YOU!

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