Weath R. Ing and E. Rosion



1. You may have heard it said that it's important to keep your friends close, but you have to keep your enemies closer, because the best way to learn how to defend yourself from them is to know their strengths and weaknesses. In order to fight Weath R. Ing and E. Rosion, you'll first need to investigate them by following the links below. Take notes on what you find, and pay close attention to the way they work together, but have different jobs:
  • Read Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 on this KidsGeography website, using the arrows to navigate through the different parts of each chapter.
  • Read the Geography4Kids articles on weathering and erosion.
  • Watch this video on water erosion in Hawaii by clicking "view" next to the video, then review the short "background essay" on erosion under the video.
  • You may locate and gather clues from a few more websites of your own during your investigation if you want ;)
2. Now, to help you interpret and remember the things you have been reading about, scroll to the bottom of this page and watch video on weathering and erosion...but don't be fooled: this video was made early in their career when they were superheroes, but now they've become supervillains!

3. To make sure you are fully prepared for your mission and that you can tell the differences between Weath R. Ing and E. Rosion, take the quiz (by clicking the Quiz button on menu on the left).

4. Once you feel confident with your knowledge, work with a partner to brainstorm ideas on how to stop one of these enemies! Choose your favorite idea to develop, thinking through every part of it carefully.

5. Finally, before you can commence your mission, you must share your plan with the rest of the village at our town meeting on Friday. Put together a presentation to last 5 minutes and include some kind of visual (like a poster or a PowerPoint presentation) to explain your plan. Make sure you choose just ONE villain to fight, and that you make clear how your plan will stop the effects of this force. 

And remember, you were chosen for your creativity and intelligence; your village is counting on you!


Description: Describes and compares Weathering and Erosion and their effects on the earth.

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