Healthy eating is Key!



Do you know what a balance diet consist of? 

Many persons often either eat to much or to little of different foods. But most of the time our diets mainly contains unhealthy foods. This can eventually affect our bodies in so many negative ways. Did you know that both healthy eating habits and physical activity are the two major keys in life? 

Often we rarely exercise and eat junk foods or skip meals which can lead to major health concerns and malnutrition. We know that the junk foods and fast foods are not good for us. Therefore, this Web Quest is a guideline that lets you discover foods we should eat,  what a balance diet should consist of  and how often we should eat certain foods. 

Your duty is to look up what a balance diet consist of. You along with other group members will come together to research (articles or websites) for what types of foods and nutrients people should ensure is in their meals and what is the amount they should consume. 

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