Melting Pot or Tossed Salad? An Investigation of Diverse Perspectives for Pre-Service Teachers



Do you believe that you live in a society that represents a "melting pot" of blended cultures and traditions? Or do you think of your observations of people as more of ingredients in a "tossed salad," where people maintain much of their cultural and ethnic identity while possibly embracing aspects of others outside of their groups?

Now is your chance to explore a variety of diversity populations so that you can become the most effective and best-informed teacher that you can be!

Assumptions and attitudes are intertwined with one's values.  One's reaction to observations of people and events are based on these foundational beliefs.  Attitudes can be automatic responses based on the past, but often involve intense emotional connections.  Using the links and other resources, you will reflect upon issues while working with your group to build a foundation of knowledge to take into your future classroom by creating an action plan for addressing diversity issues.

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