Melting Pot or Tossed Salad? An Investigation of Diverse Perspectives for Pre-Service Teachers



After forming groups of 3-4, you will each decide upon a role to play or completing the research.  If there are fewer than four in the group, you will divide the load of researching as evenly as possible, so one person does not do substantially more than others.

Each member of the group will  access at least 5 of the online and printed resources provide in the WebQuest, noting the vital information for teachers to know and understand.  Citations in the final project and presentation must be in APA Style and include a reference page.

Attached are recommended resources that will assist your research for your teacher action plan.  Please note the additional links for trade books, immigrant interviews, and religions.

Using the following roles, refer to the available resources to begin your research.

Role 1:  Family Matters - What interactions are both stereotyped and non-stereotyped?  What are family roles?  Who raises children? 

Role 2:  Educational Expectations and Concerns - What is expected regarding school?  Is college considered an option or not?  What sort of stereotypes are offered?

Role 3:  Society's View and Treatment (Historically and Presently) - visuals such as political cartoons or primary documents such as photos or portraits are appropriate here.

Role 4:  Media Representations and Misrepresentations - Show stereotypes that may harm or further alienate the diverse group.



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