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Welcome to the game of football (Soccer)

There are many people who like playing football. Some play football for pleasure while others play it as a professional sport. Football is a highly competitive team sport. Two teams of 11 players each are needed to start the game. The game of football requires dexterity, stamina and physical strength. 

                                Let's look at what is required to play football.

1. Football gears: Jersey, shorts, socks football boots, shin guard.

2. Size 5 leather football weighing between 14 and 16 ounces.

3.The field : this is a rectangular shaped area which is usually grassed with two 8 feet by 8 yards goal post with cross bar at each end.

Some elements of the game

 a.          Corner kick
 b.          Goal kick
 c.          Offside
 d.          Penalty kick
 e.          Free kicks
 f.           Officials (referees and assistant referees)
 g.          Throw-ins
 h.          Fouls

To play the game of football one have to be physically fit and must be flexible.

Physical fitness is very important to the game of football as rigorous training is needed for players to endure the pace of the game.


Soccer Drills

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