Physical Education


Evaluation Rubric

Developing 2Very Good 3Exemplary 4Score

EffortNot interested and not trying.Not interested, but giving some effort.Interested and giving effort most of the time.Very interested and giving effort all of the time.%30

Understanding of Rules and RegulationsLimited understanding of rules and regulations.Understands some of the rules and regulations.Understands most of the rules and regulations.Understands all of the rules and regulations.%20

The developing of dribbling skill
Not grasping the technique
Unable to keep ball close to feet
Dribbling with confidence
Dribbles the ball with skill and confidence 

Awareness of Laws of the Game
Not aware of Laws of the Game
Aware of 3 to 5 Laws of the Game
Understand most Laws of the GameUnderstand and can explain the Laws of the Game

Total Score: %100

Evaluation Rubric


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