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“In a postapocalyptic world, shrouded in darkness and continually lashed by rain, a young elf named Yorsh struggles to survive. When his village is destroyed by the torrential waters, Yorsh finds himself suddenly orphaned and alone — the earth's last elf.”

But soon Yorsh discovers he is part of a powerful prophecy:

“When the water covers the earth, the sun will vanish, the darkness and ice will come. When the last dragon and the last elf break the circle, the past and future will meet, the sun of a new summer will shine in the sky…….”

 ”Now Yorsh must decipher the prophecy and find the last dragon — it is the onlyway to end the rains and to save the world from the Dark Age that has begun.Full of great tenderness and humor, this magical journey tells the story of aworld now plagued by intolerance and wickedness, and the elf and the dragon who will fight for its redemption.”


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