The Last Dragon Character Sketch



Essential Question:

How do I thoroughly describe a character in a character sketch?


You will be able to demonstrate the proper process for writing acharacter sketch.



·        Review The Last Dragon

·        Your teacher will giveyou the instructions of the character sketch activity

·        Your Teacher will assignyou a partner to work with.   

·        Review the exampleof the character sketch with your partner

·        Use the “who am I“worksheet may help them answer the questions in their character sketch



·        After you have reviewed the instructions and recapped The LastDragon you will begin working on the character sketch activity with yourpartner.

·        The teacher will circulate the classroom, offering feedback,asking questions and encouraging you throughout the character sketch process

·      The teacher will take up the sketches when the students are finished with theirrough drafts

·       The teacher will Review the rough drafts and make comments and suggestions

·        When you receive your graded rough draft you will complete theirfinal drafts the next day in class



·        Ask any questions in class either to the teacher or your peers

·        You will fill out a feedback form asking for your thoughts aboutthe activity


·        Teacher will review the rough drafts and the final drafts for thecharacter sketch requirements and grade accordingly. 


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