Implementing RtI and IDEA in the classroom.



Essential Question: How are the vastly different needs of all my students being met?

Implementing RtI and IDEA in the classroom are daily tasks that teachers address.  Effective teachers consider, reflect, and evaluate many questions throughout the year among them are: 

  1. How should RtI look in my classroom? 
  2. Am I adhering to IDEA? 
  3. What actions am I taking to accomodate, scaffold, and foster learning for all my students?  
  4. How do I know that the accomodations and strategies that I am using in my classroom are working? 
  5. What can I do to be more effective? 
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of placement models?


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  • IDEA 2004
    Description: Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004

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