Implementing RtI and IDEA in the classroom.



As we have learned, the steps for success include, Tier I  using data and differentiated instruction in the pre and referral process may sometimes lead to Tier II needs. Tier II in the RTI process relies heavily on documentation such as progress monitoring, use of interventions, conferencing with team before deciding on the advancement to Tier III. In the event that Tier III is imperitive, conduct a conference and continue to progress monitor. After Tier III intensive instruction and data is well established, the committee reviews the PMP forms, the Individual Intervention plan, and the team focus will  be to review and make appropriate recommendations such as modifications, need for on-going intensive interventions or the student may be considered for Exceptional Student Education Eligibilty.There are on going strategies directly and indirectly reflective of student intervention with required skills and meeting the needs of the IEP as we have learned. In addition, monitoring a students progress through data, direct observations and intervention plans is necessary for progression. If you would like to learn more about the placement, RTI, staffings and the least restrictive enviorment please go to the following website for a thorough explanation of requirements surrounding a RTI/IEP process:

www.fldoe.org/ - Florida Department of Education





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