Input, output, and processing devices



 Congratulations! You have now gathered all the information you need to make your powerpoint presentation.  In the next few days, your teacher will teach you how to do different things on powerpoint. But... before you make your presentation, you have to know what powerpoint is.

Click on the link below to see a video about what powerpoint is and examples of what your presentation will look like.


Great! Now that you know what powerpoint is, you will get started on your presentation. Your teacher will teach you about all the components of powerpoint. Your presentation must include all of the following:

         A title page with your name on it

         6-8 Slides (not counting the title page)

         Each slide needs to have a title, an explanation of the title, and at least one picture.

         The picture on each slide must go with what you are talking about

         Each slide must have a different background

         Each slide must contain a slide transition

         Each slide must contain custom animation 

In your  presentations you must answer the following questions(one question per slide)

         What are input devices?

         What are output devices?

         What is the processing device?

         What are some examples of input devices?

         What are some examples of output devices?

         How do all input, output and processing devices help a computer run?

You will have a checklist that will help you with each requirement.


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