Input, output, and processing devices



Congratulations! You have successfully completed your unit on input, output and processing devices. You have achieved the following objectives: 

  Student understands the concept of input vs. output devices.

  Student becomes familiar with the concept of a processor.

Using what you learned about these devices you created a powerpoint presentation to help teach your "students" about these devices.

**As any good teacher, now that you have made your presentation to teach your students, you must also provide opportunities for your students to review the information. As a follow up to this unit, you can create your own review games for your "students". **

Simply click on the link below:


When the screen comes up, simply type in your questions and the answers to your questions. Then  scroll down to create a game file. Copy the web address down and send the game to your "students."  Your "students" can then play the review game you just created.

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