1960s Flashback: Into the World of The Outsiders



For this Webquest, you will be evaluated based on two components: your printed Webquest document and your group poster on your topic of interest. 

Your document will be worth 15pts. and the group poster and presentation 20 pts.


# Below Basic- 2 Basic- 5 Proficient- 8 Advanced- 10 Score
Answer sheet, Part 1 No evidence of an attempt to complete the task Student made an attempt but information is incomplete Student put forth obvious effort but may have one or two mistakes Student completely and accurately completed task with no mistakes _____/10
Answer sheet, Part 2 No attempt was made to answer questions An effort was made to complete some questions Task was completed but with some mistakes Task is completed with effort and no mistakes _____/ 10
Grammar, Spelling, and Format The final product has so many spelling, grammar, and/or formatting errors that they distract from the content. The final product has many spelling, grammar,and/orformatting errors but do not interfere with understanding. The final product has a couple spelling, grammar and/or formatting errors. The final product is free from spelling, grammar and formatting errors. _____/10
Used class time effectively Student was not on task or focused during class and distracted others from doing work Student was occasionally on task but did not fully utilize class time to complete activity Student was mostly on task with occasional social distractions Student always used class time effectively to complete activity. _____/ 10

Total Score: ___/ 40

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