Basic passing in football



Inside of the foot pass is also known as...?
a) Push Pass
b) Angle Kick
c) Heel kick
d) Chip Pass
Question #2

A short pass that stays on the ground would be accomplished by using the...?
a) Push Pass
b) Heel Pass
c) Angle Kick
d) Sweet Spot Push

Question #3

Using the Inside of the Foot pass...?
a) Is easy to control when receiving
b) Is more accurate than an angle kick
c) Is performed at short distances
d) All of the above
Question #4

The 1-2 pass is ruined when a player...?
a) Passes to a players feet
b) Passes to the space in front of a player
c) Uses the push pass execute the pass
d) All of the above
Question #5

The drill explaining the heel and back passes includes....?
a) A goal
b) Two Players
c) Three Players
d) Four Players
Question #6

The Progression for developing the bending pass includes:
a) 3 Steps
b) 4 Steps
c) 5 Steps
d) Slow motion to Full Speed

Question #7

Battleship is a game used to develop...?
a) The Push Pass
b) The Angle Kick
c) The Soft Air Pass
d) The Chip
Question #8

The knuckle of the big toe contacts the ball when using...?
a) The Angle Kick
b) The Push Pass
c) The Back Pass
d) The Heel Pass
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