Basic passing in football



Watch the youtube video in the task section of this webquest and Answer the questions below. Your answers must meet the following criterion to get full credit for this assignment:

1. All answers must be typed.
2. All answers must be in complete sentences
3. All answers must be numbered and coincide with the appropriate question.
4. All assignments maybe turned in via e-mail: butch.worden@walterjohnson.com or turned in to Mr.Worden personally or leaving it on his desk.
5. All assignments must be turned in by 2:30 on the day it is due.


1. Create an outline of the entire youtube video. All major passing skills must be listed.
2. What is the other name for an inside the foot pass?
3. At what time in the video does he mention the thigh facing the target?
4. What does he say is trying to be accomplished by using the inside of the foot pass?
5. At 18:03 of the video, where are they striking the ball on their foot?
6. What does he blame for ruining the wall pass or 1-2 pass?
7. What drill is explained for developing the Back and Heel passes?
8. What is the 5 drill progression for developing a bending pass?
9. What game, or drill is used to develop the soft air pass?
10. Diagram one of the drills explained for developing the wall pass (1-2). Show ball movement with arrows and designate people by using an �X�. This question does not have to be typed for full credit.

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