At the bottom of this page you will find links to three black and white images:

One baby dragon.

- One young dragon.

- One adult dragon.

Choose one and colour it! Or colour the three of them if you like! :)

What colours would you choose?

How does your dragon roar?

What does your dragon look like?

Is it a boy or a girl?


Give him or her a very beautiful and magical name he or she will like a lot!

Take your dragon to the class! We will watch all the drawings and will learn all the names of our dragons. It will be really fun!

See you in class, Dragon Masters! :)


# Average Good Very Good Excellent Score
Motivation and participation The child carries out the tasks and shows some interest in the subject. The child is clearly interested in the subject and enjoys watching the pictures and videos. The child is enthusiastic about the subject, enjoys the material and the new concepts taught, sings along with the songs, etc. The child goes beyond the lesson: he or she keeps on creating new characters, naming them, defining them and attempting to create his or her own dragon stories. 60%
Sharing with classmates The child is reluctant to share his or her work with classmates, the members of the teaching staff or other adults, and shows little interest in the work of his or her classmates. The child likes to share the drawing of his or her dragon with close friends, yet he or she is timid in front of other people. He or she is curious about his or her friends' work. The child enjoys sharing his or her work with all the classroom, and is confident about it. He or she also likes to watch his or her classmates' dragons and talk with them about them. The child enjoys sharing his or her work with the class but even more to know about what his or her classmates have made, as a means to learn from them. He or she establishes narrative relationships in a natural way: "Your dragon can be friends with my dragon because they both fly"; "My dragon cannot be friends to your dragon because mine likes fire and yours likes ice", etc. 40%

Total Score: 100%


Dragon Egg-roll by nepryne CC BY-NC http://bit.ly/10PNx6b
Description: Print and colour this cute baby dragon!
Another Dragon Lines by wolfsjourney CC BY-SA http://bit.ly/1ytsGRg
Description: Print and colour this fearsome adult dragon!

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