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Hi, fellow teachers! :) This WebQuest is aimed at introducing infants and toddlers to a character typical from fairy tales, in this case dragons.  The goal is to awaken interest and motivation in children from a very early age towards some elements of fairy tales while carrying out a rewarding, playful and creative activity. The ideal outcome would be that this background would provide a foundation for the child to enjoy literature later on during his or her learning process.

The lesson is meant to be carried out with the help and collaboration of an adult. It is filled with images so that teachers or parents can provide the child with as much material as he or she feels it is enough: all the pictures and videos or just a few of them.


This webquest is aimed at children from infancy to six or seven years old. It is a creative exercise whose purpose is to awaken the skills to develop and define a character. Younger children, with the help of their parents or guards, would enjoy simply watching the pictures and the videos or random drawing and/or coloring, while older children will be able to fulfil the required tasks easily on their own.

UPDATE: The parents or guards should have a basic knowledge of English in order to understand the activity and help the child to carry it out properly. When that is not the case, teachers choosing to work with this activity should provide parents with translations or, if possible, work with them beforehand to help them guide their children accordingly.


All the images used in the creation of this webquest are Creative Commons licensed or Public Domain, and have been cited accordingly, always providing a link to the original source. I have added much artwork from freelance artists logged in deviantART, etc. who so generously have shared such fantastic drawings and paintings to the public. I am extremely grateful to all of them. I personally believe that children would feel more motivated and learn more through this kind of material.

I was inspired by the webquest "My favorite farm animals" by Sandra Pareja in the idea of using a coloring page as a task suitable for such small children. I am extremely grateful for her work as well, which I have favourited.

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