World War One (10.5)



Students will receive three scores; individual conclusion paper (10.5 Prompt assessment), group research notes (class work score), and group presentation (project score).

** If a student does not participate in their groupís oral presentation, the individual student will receive a 00. If a student does not participate on an equal level of the presentation, they will receive a 0.


# Below Basic Basic Proficient Advance Score
Individual Conclusion Papers Student does not have an adequate understanding of the content. Student has a basic understanding of the content and includes some research evidence. Student has complete content understanding, incorporates a variety of research evidence, and has created complete and rational thoughts throughout the paper. Student exceeds expectations on content knowledge, research, and paper creation.
Group Research Notes Contributes minimal resources daily (2-3), very little detail, general overview of the topic, no primary sources, poorly organized, no/incorrect citation, and messy. Only a few resources (3-4) contributed daily, general detail, shallow depth, general overview, no primary sources, loosely organized, and proper citations. More than a few resources (4-5) contributed, detailed, good overview, 1 primary source, some organization, neat presentation of material, notes, and proper citations. Adequate research (5-6), depth of detail, good overview supported by sources, well organized, 2 or more primary sources, good presentation of notes, and proper citations.
Group Presentation Information presented introduces the major topic(s) without addressing their impact on the overall subject. The work is incomplete to provide students with an adequate understanding. Members take an active role in the presentation. The information provided touches on some of the major elements without addressing all of the issues relevant to the subject. Members are involved in the presentation. The presentation conforms to the selected role. The information provided addresses all of the major elements of the topic. Members are involved in the presentation. The presentation complies to the role assigned to the group members. The presentation provides substantial details on the subject matter of the topic and addresses all elements of the topic assigned.

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