World War One (10.5)



1. Read the identity you have been assigned.

2. Divide into groups based on the identity assigned and decide which job in the group you will take. Jobs: Biographer 1 & 2: id key persons related to your identity. Geographer: research the area pertaining to your chosen character. Propagandist: examine the roles of print, visual, and audio media influences in your life. Photographer: collect photos relevant to your topic. Timeline Tech: research key dates and events relevant to your topic to create a timeline. Fakebook Editor: create a fakebook page for your role, work with the other group members in collecting and editing their items for upload. Thinglink Editor: sign up for and create a Thinglink for your role, work with the other group members in collecting and editing their items for upload. Wordle Editor: research written primary sources to find one to examine the key points using Wordle.

3. Outline the research portion of the project, identifying key words, dates, and individuals.

4. Gain access to the web and research your topic as completely as possible.

5. Design a group presentation to be presented before the entire class.

6. Present before the entire class- all members must speak a minimum of 2-3 minutes.

7. In class, write the required paper, assuming the identity of the character you have been assigned.

Hints for the roles:
Reporter: The purpose of this assignment is to report on the early phase of the war from the Allies point of view. For this reason, your research should focus primarily on the British. The oral history links from the BBC gives the story from the soldiers point of view. Trenches On The Web and The Imperial War Museum will be major sources of information. Your news report should reflect the close Anglo-American relationship. Battles to be included: Schlieffen Plan, Marne, western fronts, eastern fronts, Ypres, Verdun, Somme, Cambrai, and Gallipoli.

Spy: The role here is to provide information home to Austria. The country information link will be a prime resource for this assignment. Keep in mind that the U.S. was held in very low regard by the Great Powers and your intelligence report should reflect this attitude. The Brigham Young and Zimmerman links will also help to describe U.S. attitudes toward the war. Also, include examples of propaganda, laws passed at home, and how total war impacted the citizens at home.

Assassin: The role of a terrorist is not something new to the world. The Black Hand link will give you a starting point for your research into terrorism in the early twentieth century. Keep in mind that you are in fear for your life. Give as much detail as possible in your confession. Who are key people involved, why was the Black Hand formed, what was their objective (goal), and what activities were they involved in.

Weapons Reporter/Soldier: Your responsibility here will be to report on what you see and the weapons you used. For this reason, photos will be a major part of your research. Trenches On The Web has a photo archive that will give you a major start towards this assignment. The World War One link also has a photo archive that can be of value. Weapons/tactics to be discussed include trench warfare, poison gas, tanks, u-boats, airplane, zeppelin, flame throwers, and the machine gun. 


Web Link
  • Fakebook
    Description: Use this site to create a FB page for your role. Remember to be historically accurate, like the samples I showed you in class.

Web Link
  • EasyBib
    Description: Another citation option- Use this site to help you format your citations for your facts. Remember: not citing your sources is PLAGIARISM!

Web Link

Web Link
  • Capzles
    Description: Timeline creation option.

Web Link
  • Capzles How-to Screen Shots
    Description: This document will help you to create a Capzles timeline in case you forget the steps or get stuck.

Web Link
  • TimeToast
    Description: This is another option for creating a timeline online.

Web Link

Web Link
  • TimeToast Directions
    Description: Download this doc with TimeToast instructions to help you create your timeline online.

Web Link

Web Link
  • Imperial War Museum
    Description: The Imperial War Museum offers an excellent online exhibit including interviews with veterans of the WWI.

Web Link
  • Information by Country
    Description: The University of Kansas provides a list of links relating to WWI on this site. The information is divided by country making it very easy for students to find information on a particular aspect of that country.

Web Link

  • Depth of Knowledge Chart
    Description: We have been discussing Common Core all year and using the 4 point grade scale. This chart will help guide you in the skill/thinking level and what score it is aligned with. Please refer to this when completing the assignment. Aim for the 4!

Web Link
  • Thinglink
    Description: Host presentation resources here. Students are also to link a Works Cited Google Doc on the Thinglink.

Web Link
  • Brigham Young Archives
    Description: The document archives of Brigham Young University are an excellent starting point for any research on World War One. The archives are divided by year and country making it very easy to access information relating to a particular country.

Web Link
  • Trenches On The Web
    Description: The reference library of Trenches On The Web provides an amazing overview of various aspects of the conflict, from weapons to political and military leaders. This should be among one of the first stops for students looking for information on an individual or national capabilities.

Web Link
  • World War I
    Description: This site provides a useful link to information on the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Anyone researching the Black Hand will want to examine this site early.

Web Link
  • The BBC
    Description: This site provides an excellent overview of the war. The oral history will be very useful to those of you doing the first assignment.

Web Link
  • Knight Cite
    Description: Use this site to help you format your citations for your facts. Remember: not citing your sources is PLAGIARISM!

Web Link

Web Link
  • The Black Hand
    Description: The University of Kansas provides an excellent overview of the birth and early activity of this terrorist group. Special attention is given to the groups most notorious act, the 1914 assassination.

Web Link
  • 15 Legacies of WWI
    Description: The great war may have been destructive, but it also generated so many startling developments in medicine, warfare, geopolitics and social relations - that its influence still resonates today. Here are 15 lasting legacies of the war. Great material here!

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