Calling All Heroes!!! A Comic Book History Webquest


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Congratulations!!  You have defeated the powerful supervillains and saved the Earth from their terrible schemes!!  You and your crack team of heroes have had a grand adventure and have protected the innoccent from utter annihilation!

You have now delved into the wonderful world of comics!  The author of this webquests hopes you have enjoyed your time on this project and now have a taste for the exciting stories and adventures found in the comic book medium.  Comic books are an art form that have prospered over the past century and regarded as the great modern myths.  They owe much to the classic literature of the past and have helped shaped our popular consciousness today.   The author encourages you to indulge in comic books; read the classics and enjoy the new books that are being produced today.

As always, continue to support the arts and immerse your imagination in the comic book worlds of heroic fantasy.  The adventure awaits!

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