Calling All Heroes!!! A Comic Book History Webquest


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Grades will be evaluated by paper quality and the presentation.  It is recommended that each student covers one villain and his opposing hero each.  During the presentations it is recommended that each student present their chosen hero and villain as well as their original superheroes.  If you wish to structure your presentation in a different way, it is allowed so long as the information is adequately presented.  Creativty is encouraged!

Note:  Bonus points for original characters will be added on by the teacher as they apply.


# 0-5 6-10 11-15 16-25 Score
Structure The paper is disorganized and difficult to read. The paper has some structure and flow but needs improvement. The paper has adequate structure. The paper is well structure and flows from one point to the next easily. 25 max
Quality of Information Paper contains little to no quality of information. Paper has some information but there are numerous factual mistakes. Paper contains adequate, well-supported information. Paper contains excellent, well researched analysis of the subject matter. 25 max
Grammar Paper contains numerous spelling and grammar errors. Does not appear to have been properly edited. Paper has several spelling and grammar errors that need to be corrected. Spelling and grammar are adequate though there are one or two mistakes. No spelling or grammatical errors. 25 max
Presentation Presentation is poor, disorganized, and not taken seriously. Presentation is awkward. There are some structural problems, poor eye contact, and speech volume but a decent attempt was made. Presentation is adequate including decent volume, eye contact, and enthusiasm. Presentation is excellent. Has excellent volume and eye contact. Information is presented in an entertaining and informative way. 25 max

Total Score: 100 max

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