Curate An Art Exhibition



The art exhibition project is meant to be more than a way to score you cumulative grade for this art course. For those interested in a career in the art world, art exhibitions are one of the primary forms of exposure for artists and art objects. The project was clearly meant to give you some insight into just one of the many responsibilities an art curator is responsible for. In addition it gave everyone some perspective into how an art exhibition is put together. Art exhibitions are more than just featuring the art objects themselves, it requires sufficient research and audience engagement. It requires the skill to gather research from various sources, and combine all the information into a concise and coherent form of text to complement the art object. The different creative components for the your art exhibition require skills used in many different art forms. Yet the most important aspect of an art exhibition is its ability to engage with an audience or community. From its presentation format to the wording of a text panel an art exhibition goal is to impact its audience emotionally or intellectually.

For those who were really inspired about this project, feel free to meet with me so we can look into some local museums and galleries that might have some volunteer or internship opportunities.   

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