Curate An Art Exhibition



Imagine you are a curator who has been chosen to prepare an upcoming art exhibition. The task is to create an original art exhibition focused around a specific theme and featuring art of of your choosing. The entire project is meant to demonstrate your cumulative understanding of the visual arts learned over the year. The AP Art Exam tests the overall creativity and artistic talent of students. This art exhibition project should encompass more than the creation of some form of art.

According to the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards artistic literacy is the knowledge and understanding required to participate authentically in the arts. The art exhibition project will allow students exposure to an authentic art experience. Curating an art exhibition will give students an opportunity to communicate ideas about art, create a connection in the making of at, and engage the community with the arts. The task involves creating an exhibition to be presented to the class that displays research conducted on a theme focused group of art objects.  


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  • Example of Curator Art Exhibition
    Description: This is a 2 minute youtube video of a curator from The National Gallery in London. He explains the art exhibition put together about the French Romantic artist, Eugene Delacroix.

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