All Wrapped Up: The Ancient Egyptian Mummy



Our classroom archaeologists have shared their travels to Egypt discovering the ancient Egyptians tombs where mummies lay, embalming rituals, and language in hieroglyphics that are drawn on the mummies caskets.

Together our classroom teams have achieved, researched, and accomplished writing literary works of great interest. It was surprising to learn the preparation of mummies is similar to burial preparations of today.

Now we know the answers to questions such as where mummies lay, what the mummification process is and how it is similar to the embalming process used today not to mention, how to read a few hieroglyphs. If you are really interested you can find out how and who pyramids were built in ancient Egyptians times.

Yes, it has been a fun learning experience, now it is time to visit another ancient land that is full of mystery. Here is a hint: Your fortune cookie says - pack your hat, coat, gloves, and boots because it gets cold in those mountains!

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