Discovering and Uncovering Piaget



Welcome: Discovering and Uncovering Piaget
Description: During the 20th century, Jean Piaget was one of the most important and influential theorists about cognitive/intellectual development. This WebQuest introduces his work through a variety of resources. It includes attention to basic concepts, stages, mechanisms of development, criticisms, misconceptions and educational implications, including Constructivism and videos of Constructivist lessons. It involves viewing You Tube clips, visiting other web sites, and reading attached documents. Although there is a group task, each individual is expected to complete the entire process. NOTE: This WebQuest is revised virtually every semester.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Professional Skills
Keywords: thinking, cognitive development, intellectual development, constructivism, Piaget, teaching children, adolescents, adults
Author(s): Hope Hartman

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