Putting Books to Work: The House That George Built

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Read The House That George Built to students. This WebQuest takes students on a short tour of the White House where they can gather information on various improvements made by US Presidents. They collaborate as a group and create one improvement idea of their own. Students write a descriptive narrative essay listing 3 improvements and 1 new idea with 3 details on their idea.


I would recommend starting this project when you are teaching the unit about Washington DC. You don't have to wait until the end of the unit. This can be taught in conjunction with the third grade Social Studies curriculum.

Students will learn about the various rooms in the White House.
Students will learn the purpose for each room.
Students will gather facts they found on the websites in the webquest and write a descriptive essay.
Prerequisite Skills: Comfort level with the Internet, the computer, and Microsoft Word.
Time Required: Students will need 3 1hour class periods to complete the assignment. The first day will be strictly used for re-searching the websites provided in the webquest.
Technology Needs/Materials Needed: Students will need internet access, a pencil , and paper to take some notes.


The resources and web links included on this website are external websites and I would like to thank them for creating such useful WebPages.

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