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This WebQuest has
been created with the assistance of my third grade son and through the
observation of highly qualified educators in order to understand time in the
umbrella of Social Studies Standards according to the State of Arizona. The period that this WebQuest will take to complete by the student who interact
with it is approximate five days at 50-minute sessions.
However, as we all
know, sometimes life happens.  I have
designed one day of primarily games to make up for days that are hectic and to
keep your schedule on track. In addition, giving time for differentiated instruction. Each day had been customized to allow additional time.

A piece of advice would be to walk the students through the WebQuest first each
day then let the student explore. There are many fun activities to keep the
third grade student interest peeked. The extra time allowed for games and the group activities gives opportunities for instructor to use
differentiated instruction. In addition, the group activities allow for struggling student to succeed.


This WebQuest has been created to umbrella the Social Study strands in the aspect of time change and is according to Arizona State Standards.(https://www1.taskstream.com/)
AZ- Arizona Academics Standards
Subject: Social Studies (2006 Final)
Subject/ Grade/ Domain: Third Grade

•Strand: Strand 1: American History SS1.1.PO1
o Concept: Concept 1: Research Skills for History
o Performance Objective: PO 1. Use timelines to identify the time sequence of historical data.

•Strand: Strand 2: World History SS2.1.PO1
o Concept: Concept 1: Research Skills for History
o Performance Objective: PO 1. Use timelines to identify the time sequence of historical data.

• Strand: Strand 3: Civics/Government SS3.4.PO3
o Concept: Concept 4: Rights, Responsibilities, and Roles of Citizenship
o Performance Objective: PO 3. Identify traits of character (e.g., honesty, courage, cooperation, respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, citizenship) that are important to the preservation and improvement of democracy.

• Strand: Strand 4: Geography SS4.4.PO2
o Concept: Concept 4: Human Systems
o Performance Objective: PO 2. Describe changes over time in communication networks (e.g., telegraph, telephone, postal, ...

• Strand: Strand 5: Economics SS5.1.PO4
o Concept: Concept 1: Foundations of Economics
o Performance Objective: PO 4. Give examples of trade in the local community (e.g., farmers supply the grocer).

Subject: Language Arts
Subject/ Grade/ Domain: Writing
Grade: Grade 3
• Strand: Strand 1: Writing Process LA1.1.PO5
o Concept: Concept 1: Prewriting-Prewriting includes using strategies to generate, plan, and organize ideas for specific purposes.
o Performance Objective PO 5: Maintain a record (e.g., lists, pictures, journals, folders, notebooks) of writing ideas.

• Standard 4:Viewing and Presenting
o Grade Range: FOUNDATIONS (Grades 1-3)
o Performance Objective: VP-F1. Recognize different types of visual media
o Performance Objective: VP-F3. Access, view and respond to visual forms such as computer programs, videos, artifacts, drawings, pictures and collages


I would like to thank the Social Studies staff (Mrs. Paus, Mrs. Drake, Mr. Gamble, Mr. Getchell, and Mrs. Mettler) at Clovis Point Intermediate School for your inspiration in Social Studies content and instruction. I thank my third grade son, Bronson, for assisting me in the determination of the grade appropriateness of the content for this WebQuest. In addition, I would like to thank Sonja Kniep and Sandra Miller for their assistance in Social Studies content and technology.
Last, I would like to thank these websites for their free use images in my WebQuest and standards.

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