Natural Disasters Math Unit

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Implementing and incorporating technology is essential in education today. When used correctly, Webquest can help both teachers and students to collaboratively work together. This unit requires or creates high order thinking skills by incorporating other subjects and intercultural aspects from another country besides the United States. Teachers are able to stay organized when planning as students learn and are challenged with higher order thinking questions. This will push our students to the next level of learning and better prepare them for their future.


Differentiated Instruction (optional)

This lesson is designed to introduce students to using technology to aid them in completing simple mathematical computation.  Students will learn the background resources to natural disasters from two different countries by integrating technology, history, english, art, and intercultural aspects. More practice activities are included for low percentile students as well as the traditional students. (See the Process page.) Also, there is more practice for ELL, LEP and ESE students.



• apply properties to simplify algebraic expressions, solve linear equations, and apply principles of graphing.

  • simplify and evaluate numerical and algebraic expressions.



• Arithmetic: Students must be able to:
    o evaluate expressions and linear equations 
    o solve linear systems 
    o create graphical analysis from data collected 

• Technological Students must be able to:
    o perform basic mouse manipulations such as point, click and drag 
    o use a website to create a graph from given data.




The activities and discussions in this lesson address the following Standards:
• Number sense, number operations and number relationships
• Patterns, relationships and functions

  • Evaluate expressions and solve linear systems


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