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This lesson has the potential to be a very fun and exciting learning experience for our students.  It keeps them active using both the mind and body. Something to keep in mind is that it will be extremely useful to have a deep knowledge of rules, regulations, and the techniques of the sport. As with anything it is extremely important that the students believe and trust that you know what you are talking about, so doing some research into this sport or having an experience of playing the sport are going to be a necessity to teaching it.


Caribbean Schools Examination Council (CSEC) Grades 9-12 Physical Education curriculum.


Thanks must be given to the following:

a. Youtube for videos

b. The following websites for the laws of the game

1. http://www.arsenal.com/usa/english-football/the-rules

2. http://www.ussoccer.com/referees/laws-of-the-game.aspx

3. Google images


This project is created for the Physical Education department at Cornwall College in Jamaica. This is an all boys institution.

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