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Age Group of Learners

  Ages 14-18, Grades 9-12


Technical Abilities of Learners

  Students attend a technology class within the Specials rotation.

  Within the Technology curriculum students learn Microsoft Word, Power Point, and internet applications used for research.

  Students technical abilities could be considered average according to their experience using digital tools, electronic applications and computer programming within their everyday living.

Characteristics of Learners

  Standardized state test scores indicate that majority of students are at or below grade level.

  Introductory lesson to media and tools will be necessary to familiarize students with interactive technological tools and their functions.

  Segmenting the lesson into 10 minute instruction, 10 minute demonstration and 20 minute student exploration would be effective for this group of learners.

Appropriate Interactivity

  Students will explore links from various sources about Frida Kahlo.

   Interactivity will require the students to expand their knowledge and skills of PowerPoint, develop their 21st Century skills as a digital learner and explore cultural differences through the research and creation of an inspired mask.

Interactivity Task(s) Required

  Students will research, view examples, read information, respond to questions and create an original artwork.


Physical Environment

  Initially, for instruction and classroom discussion students will use the computer lab, 30 computers.

  For individual work, the creation of an inspired mask, the art room will be utilized.

  Although the classroom environment will vary, students will continue their structured routine for seating, retrieval and submission of materials and cleanup. 



  ESOL/ESE Comprehensible Instruction


        Instructional methods/materials

                   Adaptive tools

                   Specialized media

                   Assistive learning tools


                   Shortened/lengthened assignment

                   Alter assessment technique/procedure

                   Specialized applications

                   Simulation software

        Time allotment/schedule

                   Segmented instruction

                Shortened class time

  Low Functioning-

                  Extended practice time, segmented instruction, peer collaboration  

                with high functioning students.

  High Functioning-

                       Extended assignment objectives and product goals.

  Kinesthetic Learner- 


  Auditory Learner-

                       Narration during presentation.


                       Examples of masks displayed in the classroom.



Audience Constraints

  Student Attendance Provide clear instructions, expectations, deadlines verbally and written by student in notes and teacher.

  Comprehension Provide sufficient practice time to allow familiarization of topic, technology and interactive tutorials.  Also, provide effective visual and verbal instruction

  Technical Problems with Media Address any issues that can be fixed in the classroom/ computer labs, enlist school Technologist help, use 2nd Computer lab, or use mobile cart.

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