Traveling around Italy!!! Ciao! Arrivederci! Buona Sera!



Students will be divided in groups:

Each group must have a secretary, an editor, a picture researcher and Power Point, Prezi, ChatterPix, Educreatios builder, and a Structure Builder. Each member will be responsible for his work and be aware that they have to work as a team for their final product.

 Each team will be assigned an Italian speaking country. This assignment will have to implement the history, culture, life style, geography and government (economy) of each country. Each group member should have a specific topic for his/her research and presentation, after that; each member has to write a summary about his findings. Then they will turn in their essays to the secretary and she will report to me.

  The project will have 5 individual grades and 3 group grades, each member is responsible for their individual sections.

You all should be aware that working as a team will give you an outstanding final product... :)

*If there is a group member that is not working, or does not bring his research; these individuals will start doing individual work from the book".

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