Great Barrier Reef



The photograph shows the devastating effect rubbish has on the ecosystem. The fishing net has strangled the coral by blocking the light which is its food source. The coral will bleach and die of starvation, depriving other animals of food and shelter. 


1. Working in pairs you will compare first (research projects) and secondary (newspaper) sources of information and evaluate their credibility.

2. You will form your own opinion based on these sources and state why you have come to this conclusion. Is the United Nations taking the correct action to consider placing the Great Barrier Reef on the World Heritage "IN DANGER" List in 2014? Or is this an over-reaction to environmental concerns? (100-500 words) This will be negotiated with your teacher.

3. Do you think your opinion would change if you were a tour operator, a grazier, a miner or connected to the shipping industry? Be honest with your response.

4. You will draw a poster with a slogan and a persuasive text to endorse either conservationists or industrialists. (100 words)

5. View the beautiful photographs of Christina Reed. GBR:PHOTOS. The file is larger than 5MB so it will not load onto webquest but here is the URL. Consider the delicacy of the ecosystem and its vulnerability to exploitation. List the threats to the GBR. Why do the fish display such bright colours?  Does this make them more or less vulnerable to predators? 


Web Link
  • christina reed, news.discovery
    Description: Or alternatively access the internet to find Christina Reed. LIFE IN AUSTRALIA'S GREAT BARRIER REEF:PHOTOS Note: Because the file is more than 5MB, it will not load onto webquest. You will need to apply your search engine hunting skills.

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