Penguin Exploration



This is a brief summary of the tasks that students will complete on this adventure.

Journey Prep 1:  The student will learn the vocabulary that you will be using throughout your journey.

Journey Prep 2: The student will need to decide the penguin you want to research.

Journey Prep 3:  The student will complete the information sheet and hand it in to start their journey.  Remember to list the name of the penguin that will be researched and the penguins habitat.

Task 1:  After the student decides which penguin they will research, they will conduct the research according to the Research Page.

Task 2:  After completing the research on their penguin, the student will meet with their partner and compare and contrast their penguins.

Task 3:  Students will create a presentation about their penguin research.  The student can work with other students who researched the same penguin to create a group presentation.  All penguin scientists will present your findings using the presentations they created.  They will be prepared to answer questions from your fellow scientists about their research. Fellow penguin scientists will complete an evaluation form for each presentation.

Task 4:  Students will complete one of the activities on the Penguin Choice Board.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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