The task is for you to find a type of balance in your life.  People are happiest when they enjoy their career and they are able to live the lifestyle they choose while affording the things they need as well as some of the things they want. 

You will be completing career research related to careers you are interested in pursuing.  After you have chosen a career, you will do some research to find a nice community to live in, with a home you can rent or buy.  You will need some type of transportation, so you will be shopping for a car, truck, bike, motorcycle or whatever you choose to get to and from work each day.  You will work on an expense worksheet as well as a budget worksheet to make sure you can afford the things you have chosen.  If you budget needs some changes, you will make them to be sure you have a positive budget.

Lastly, and most importantly, you will reflect on the challenges you faced while completing this activity.  You will also tell me what you learned.

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