Review Exam Business Management Year 11 Semester 2

BM Terms 2 Quiz

This quiz represents the multiple choice questions of the practice exam

Question #1

How many steps does it take to develop an effective advertising campaign?

Question #2

Which of these steps forms part of an advertising campaign process and are in the correct order?

Question #3

A mission statement is:

Question #4

The process of Communications comprises 3 parts, they are:

Question #5

Public Relations Crisis Management requires:

Question #6

The product life cycle refers to 4 stages, they are:

Question #7

The product mix of a business has 3 dimensions, they are:

Question #8

Penetration pricing entails:

Question #9

In the marketing mix, place refers to:

Question #10

Retailers sell products to:

Question #11

Public Relations is concerned with:

Question #12

Marketing mix refers to:

Question #13

Which of the following is not a strategy to extend a product�s life cycle?

Question #14

Public relations is all about

Question #15

Marketing is

Question #16

Which of the following is not a form of oral communications

Question #17

Which of the following is a form of written communications

Question #18

Which of the following is a method of communications

Question #19

What is Body language?

Question #20

Which of the following can be a barrier to communications?

Question #21

Five steps of an effective PR strategy are:

Question #22

In Maslow�s hierarchy of needs which of the following needs is the most fundamental for survival?

Question #23

Which of these are common factors for public relations practitioners to consider in a crisis?

Question #24

What are the 4P�s of the marketing mix

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